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Oyster mushroom pate

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Natural source of dietary fiber

We recommend our products to everyone, to those looking for new flavors or to those for whom a healthy diet is important, or who follow a special diet/gluten-free, vegetarian. You will find your favorite among our pâtés.

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If it's oyster mushroom, it's the Via Naturalis product line!

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Low sugar

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Low energy

Low energy

About us

The Via Naturalis oyster mushroom pâté family is unique on the marke.

Oyster mushrooms is an essential part of a healthy diet. It fits well into almost any diet and is a basic element of a vegan diet. It does not contain cholesterol, but it has a high mineral and protein content. Most of the essential amino acids can be found in its proteins, and the gold of all these is similar to that of the finest meats. In addition to its low energy content, it is rich in dietary fiber, so it has a good effect on our metabolism and digestion. And our immune system is beneficially stimulated by its high beta-glucan content. The oyster mushroom is known as a medicinal mushroom, it is extremely tasty and supports our body effectively.

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The Via Naturalis product family is made exclusively from mushrooms and plant-based ingredients, so it can also be consumed by vegetarians. Its main ingredient is oyster mushroom (at lest 45%), which is grown in Kecskemét, Hungary’s largest oyster mushroom garden, in a production system operating according to the principles of a circular biomass-based economy.

Our products do not contain gluten, artificial colors or flavor enhancers. Compared to meat pâtés and margarines, its energy content is low and its sugar content is negligible. Due to its high mushroom content, pate is an outstanding source of protein and dietary fiber. High-quality raw materials and precisely observed technologies ensure the excellent quality and delicious taste of our products.

Compared to fresh mushrooms, pate can be stored for a long time, while retaining most of its beneficial properties. Our oyster mushroom pâtés are basically convenience products, yet they meet the conditions of a healthy diet.


The possibilities of using oyster mushroom pâtés are extremely wide. The pate can be spread on bread or toast and eaten immediately, but it can also be used to make a warm sandwich or cream of mushroom soup. It can be used in the dough or filling of savory cakes, but also to flavor ragouts.

shiitake gombás laskagomba pástétom

Shiitake mushroom

The Shiitake mushroom stands out from other mushrooms not only with its special medicinal effect, but also with its extraordinary aroma. This pâté, with its characteristic full flavor, becomes the highlight of meals.

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Tokaj wine

The marriage of oyster mushrooms and Tokaji Furmint results in a pleasantly winey, tart harmony. A worthy companion for special occasions, we balance its acidity with a pinch of sugar. Due to the production technology, it does not contain alcohol.

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Celery, bell pepper, coriander and oyster mushrooms. The ingredients complement each other perfectly, so that's the magic, yet the result is far superior.

csípős laskagomba pástétom


The meeting of Hungarian hot pepper and raw, hot chilies with the oyster mushroom. Our perfectly accented pate is made for lovers of spicy flavors.

paradicsomos laskagomba pástétom


The 'Italian' version of our pâtés, which brings the Mediterranean country directly to our table. It's slightly reminiscent of pesto.