Oyster mushroom cultivation and trade

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Pilze-Nagy Ltd. was founded in January 1997, but its parent company, the individual enterprise dealing with the growing and trading of oyster mushrooms, began its operations in 1991. In the more than twenty-five years that have passed since then, thanks to constant developments and expansion of activities, our family business has grown into a serious company with several legs. The headquarter and premises of the Ltd. are in a 10-hectare major located 5 kilometres north of Kecskemét, close to the M5 highway. Our company’s activities – the production of oyster mushroom substrate, the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, the commercial distribution and trade of fresh oyster mushrooms, and the production of electricity and heat from biogas production – are closely related to each other.

Our company, whose main activity is oyster mushroom cultivation, also plays a role in research and development. In recent years, it has been a participant and leader of numerous domestic and international R&D projects. We have several own know-how in the field of substrate production of champignon mushrooms and the utilization the by-products of mushroom cultivation.

Thanks to a quarter of a century of professional experience, as well as the innovative and open minded, company management that considers environmentally conscious development as a goal, Pilze-Nagy Ltd. is now considered as one of the leading oyster mushroom growing and trading companies in Hungary and Europe.

Production of oyster mushroom substrate

An important milestone in the history of our company was when we built our own oyster mushroom substrate production plant in 2002 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the County Regional Development Council. Since 2003, we have been producing about 12,000 tonnes of oyster mushroom substrate annually using state-of-the-art technology.

As a result of our persistent development activities, the production process used in our plant is completely chemical-free. Due to continuously controlled biological processes, the finished substrate does not contain any harmful (competing) micro-organisms for the oyster mushroom. The substrate produced in this way enables environmentally conscious mushroom cultivation with less ecological burden.

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Oyster mushroom cultivation

At our company’s premises, oyster mushroom cultivation takes place on a total of thirty-five thousand square meters of growing surface in semi-automated buildings and mushroom growing tents. We use our own production medium for cultivation, so we can control the entire process of producing fresh goods. Our company places special emphasis on completely chemical-free mushroom cultivation, which is based on a conscious choice of technology. Thanks to this, the activities of Pilze-Nagy Kft. fully comply with the conditions of organic mushroom cultivation, which was officially recognized by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd. Environmentally friendly cultivation processes are monitored using established food safety systems (GLOBALGAP).

Oyster mushroom trade

Pilze-Nagy Ltd.’s fresh oyster mushrooms meet the strictest quality requirements, which enables us to supply the ever-growing markets of the European Union with our products in addition to domestic distribution with the help of our refrigerated truck fleet. Our most important market is Germany, but the volume of mushrooms sold on the Austrian, French, English and Belgian markets are significant, additionally the demand is also increasing in the neighbouring countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia).

Our most significant partners are typically wholesalers and supermarket chains.

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Oyster mushroom naturally

It is a general requirement for businesses using natural resources that the inevitable enviromental burdens of farming are as low as possible. Our company’s social responsibility is to comply with state and European Union regulations. A key mission for our company is that our business development objectives must be achieved hand in hand by reducing of our ecological footprint-, too

The cultivation of champignon mushrooms is one of the youngest of the horticultural sectors, since the research that enables the development of intensive cultivation technology dates back only 50 years. Our company started renewing the accumulated knowledge in this area for the purpose of environmentally conscious farming, and after the turn of the millennium, it had started more and more applied research programs related to oyster mushroom cultivation.

The key goals of our technological development is to guarantee the quality of substrate production, to develop and introduce mushroom protection technology based on biological methods against pathogens that cause significant economic damage in mushroom cultivation, to use the organic by-products from the cultivation of oyster mushrooms in an environmentally friendly way.

The tangible result of our innovation activites with a view to sustainable development is that in 2009, a certification organization, Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd., certified our entire production line – substrate production and cultivation – as suitable for organic farming. Since then, all our products have been produced without chemical pesticides.

We are happy to present the latest research results of biological fungal protection and their application experiences to our partners and interested producers.

With our commitment to economic efficiency, effectiveness, and diversification, we strive to recycle and reduce the amount of production waste within the plant, thereby reducing the environmental burden.

We transfer to our own biogas plant the spent mushroom substrate that comes out of the mushroom houses in the amount of thousands of tonnes every year, from which biogas, then electricity and thermal energy are produced. In this way, our own waste is used as a raw material for renewable energy production. Our original goal has been achieved: the specific cost of production processes, the production of organic waste, as well as our demand for fossil energy and the environmental burden are reduced.

The energy demand of our air-conditioned mushroom growing houses is high, therefore, taking sustainability aspects into account, it is important to deal with the energy efficiency of cultivation, using alternative energy production solutions. Our company undertook the development of a complex heat supply system that combines the reduction of energy demand with the extensive involvement of renewable energy sources.

All of this enables the sustainable development of mushroom cultivation, increasing its competitiveness, improving the state of the environment, and the spread of environmentally friendly production processes, in which we continue to strengthen our role achieved with three decades of work, and continue our research and development activities.

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